Still from BTS Video by IndieVisuals for Powerwash detergent featuring Mahira Khan in Pakistan

Stunning Corporate Photos - The Magic Behind it!

SEP 2019

by team Indie

A picture is worth thousand words but when it comes to a professional finished photograph, a lot has been done in the background. Unforgettable and unmatched photos are a combination of an experienced eye behind the lens and powerful post production that includes detailed processes such as compositing, color grading and image enhancements. 

Generally the idea behind the process is to ideally enhance the original content and beauty of a photograph but given the circumstances and challenges photographers face  in our country often makes it rather a necessity. From human recource, weather conditions, unsatisfactory preparations are amongst other unforceen or unexpected factors that can lead to disaster in field.  

Planning ahead and attention to detail can not only result in quality output but also makes the whole process cost effective.

Below are selected photos from our recent photography job for an iconic national brand with before and after post-production comparison. The results simply speaks for themselves.

Photo Comparison - Before & After Post Image Processing